Sunday Morning Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Special Guest: Leonard Burgess Leonard Burgess 2017-06-11 General Topics
Freedom for the Captives Jeff Baird 2017-05-28 Faith Adventures with Jesus
Peace in the Storm Jeff Baird 2017-05-21 Faith Adventures with Jesus
The Sower, the Seed and the Soil Jeff Baird 2017-05-14 General Topics
Faith, Forgiveness and a Fault-Finding Pharisee Jeff Baird 2017-05-07 General Topics
Sermon in Luke from Justin Brandsma Justin Brandsma 2017-04-30 General Topics
He Is Not Here; He Is Risen Jeff Baird 2017-04-16 General Topics
Palm Sunday Report Jeff Baird 2017-04-09 General Topics
Build Your House Upon the Rock (Part 3) Jeff Baird 2017-04-02 General Topics
Build Your House Upon the Rock (Part 2) Jeff Baird 2017-03-26 General Topics
Build Your House Upon the Rock (Part 1) Jeff Baird 2017-03-19 General Topics
Jesus Chooses You Jeff Baird 2017-03-12 General Topics
Jesus, the Lord of the Sabbath Jeff Baird 2017-03-05 General Topics
Old Wine Skins & New Wine Jeff Baird 2017-02-26 General Topics
Jesus Cleanses & Heals Jeff Baird 2017-02-19 General Topics
Jesus Calls "Follow Me" Jeff Baird 2017-02-12 General Topics
Prophetic Words (Feb 12, 2016) 2017-02-12 General Topics
The Anointed Ministry of the Messiah Jeff Baird 2017-02-05 General Topics
Jesus's Return to Nazareth Justin Brandsma 2017-01-29 General Topics
Jesus Prepares for Ministry Jeff Baird 2017-01-22 General Topics