Sunday Morning Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Developing the Heart of a True Worshipper Jeff Baird 2018-03-04 John
What Makes Me Worthy of God's Grace and Love? Kenneth Hart 2018-02-25 General Topics
Vision for 2018 Jeff Baird 2018-02-18 General Topics
Overcoming Faith Failures Jeff Baird 2018-02-04 Luke
Greatness in God's Kingdom Jeff Baird 2018-01-28 Luke
Are You Prepared for the Return of Jesus? Jeff Baird 2018-01-21 General Topics
Jesus Christ: Chief Cornerstone Jeff Baird 2018-01-07 Luke
Luke 19 Justin Brandsma 2017-12-31 General Topics
Let There Be Light Jeff Baird 2017-12-17 General Topics
Trust: The Key to Becoming a Wholehearted Follower of Jesus Jeff Baird 2017-12-03 Luke
3 Keys to Maintaining a Heart to Pray Jeff Baird 2017-11-26 Faith Keys
The Kingdom Key of Faith Jeff Baird 2017-11-19 Faith Keys
The Key to Life-Giving Worship of God Jeff Baird 2017-11-12 Faith Keys
Faith Keys Jeff Baird 2017-11-05 Luke
Luke 16 Justin Brandsma 2017-10-29 Luke
Expectations Justin Brandsma 2017-10-08 General Topics
A Place to Belong: You Are Invited Jeff Baird 2017-10-01 A Place to Belong
A Place to Believe: God's Word of Salvation Jeff Baird 2017-09-24 A Place to Believe
A Place to Believe: Growing in Faith Jeff Baird 2017-09-17 A Place to Believe
Back to School: Lord Teach Me Your Ways Part 2 Jeff Baird 2017-09-10 Back to School