Lifeline, 4-16-2017

On this “Good Friday,” I have been meditating upon some of Jesus’ last recorded words. As He hung from the cross, following a night of betrayal, arrest, beatings, mocking, false accusations, and finally being crucified, Jesus confidently finished His race. The gospel accounts record that Jesus cried out with a loud voice and then He breathed His last breath. So what exactly did Jesus say with such authority. Luke 24:46 states that Jesus cries out, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit.” This is a quote from Psalm 31:5, which is a prayer of trust many parents would teach their children in Jesus’ day. Jesus, right up to the very end of His earthy life, is declaring His trust in His Father.

A second statement that is recorded in John 19:30, is Jesus declaring, “It is finished.” Previously, I had believed this final statement was a quiet utterance, just before His last breath, acknowledging He was about to die. However, the Greek word translated, “It is finished,” tetelestai is a word which denotes a fulfilling of a contract, completed, paid in full. I believe that Jesus asked for something to drink (John 19:28) so that at the top of His voice (a loud cry) He could boldly declare, "Tetelestai! Sin has been pain in full, it is finished!” When Jesus breathed His last, the work of redemption was completed and sin was defeated. That work continues to this day.

We are no longer slaves to sin! Because of Christ’s work on our behalf, we are forgiven and set free. Hallelujah!

Forgiven and Free,
Pastor Jeff