Lifeline, 5/4/2016

Lifeline 2016-05-04

A fun fact during this Teacher Appreciation Week: scripture refers to Jesus as "teacher" 47 times throughout the Bible. Here's what we can learn from the times Jesus served as a teacher.

Fight through the difficult times and remember who you serve. I was in second grade when I threw up on Mrs. Pinson's desk. It was a long time ago, but I feel confident that wasn't one of her finest days. Whether you're a teacher or not, there are times when life is tough. Sometimes we have to hold our nose and clean up yucky messes, but remember who you serve (He's constant on the good days and the bad).

Teach whether people express appreciation to you or not. Teaching people, whether it's how to tie their shoes, how to solve algebraic equations, or about salvation through Jesus, is like planting seeds. Some plants grow quickly. Other plants take a while to sprout. Have faith that your words hold value; the student's reaction doesn't determine whether you said the right thing or not.

You make an impact, even if you're not aware of it. I remember sitting at Vacation Bible School as a young girl. The teacher asked us to close our eyes and she invited anyone who wanted to have a relationship with Jesus to raise their hand. I raised mine, and it changed the path of my life forever. I don't remember her name or her face, but I'll always remember that she introduced me to Jesus. I hope she knows that her time there was time well spent.

Maybe you earn a living as a teacher, and maybe you don't. However, we are all called to be a teacher like Jesus. Share your stories and experiences with the people around you. After all, our testimony is powerful!