Lifeline, 3/16/2016

In the 1990's, scientists aimed the Hubble Telescope at a tiny black area in space. The lens was pointed to a section that had no stars and no planets - only blackness. Scientists didn't know what they would find, and they understood that it could be a complete waste of time. But it wasn't.


At first it looked like smears, but upon further examination... they were galaxies. Those tiny blips from this small section of darkness revealed galaxy after galaxy after galaxy. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of them... each one full of planets and stars. What's more mind blowing? They were all created by the One who knows you, loves you, and wants a relationship with you.

And then it hits home. If scientists can look into the darkness and reveal this, then I'm confident I can look into the darkest parts of my own heart and see God working in there too.

Surprised by God (Again),

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